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Cabinet Finishing Beaumont TXThere are several factors that you may consider while decorating the interiors of your house, to add a personal touch. When it comes to the kitchen in particular, cabinets occupy the most visual space and impact the looks of your kitchen. So choosing the finish for your cabinet is how you can make your kitchen stand out. There a wide range of kitchen cabinet finishes you can choose from. You might get unfinished cabinets at lower prices, but then you might have to spend later on the prepping and painting. Another option is to go for the best looking, the most durable cabinet which comes with factory finishes or choosing your custom finish for the cabinets.

Choosing the wood:
The first step is to choose the right type of wood. Depending on where the cabinet would be placed and what finish you might be choosing for the cabinet, you could choose from oak wood, cherry or maple wood and several other options. A company dealing with cabinet finishing can guide you in choosing the wood as well. Look out for dealers and experts in cabinets Beaumont TX. From the list, choose the company that provides custom cabinet finishes and cabinet finishes of your choice.

Cabinet finishes:
In broader terms, the cabinets could either have their natural wood finishes or laminate or painted finishes. Laminate finishes and painted finishes are mainly to add color. The beauty of the wood beneath it is not really exposed. This is mostly chosen for the contemporary kitchens.

1. Wood finish:
If you are someone who loves natural wood, if you want to add some rustic charm to your kitchen, you could choose natural wood finish. Choosing a natural finish is when choosing the right wood matters the most. As basically the natural pattern of the wood would be exposed, choose the wood and the shade of wood to suit the look you have pictured. Natural finish is neutral and goes well with almost any type of interiors. It can give you a rustic or a minimalist look based on how you choose it. When you choose to have a natural wood finish, you do not have the option to choose different colors. But you do not have to compromise on this. You could always choose different colored stains. If you wish to accentuate a particular section of cabinets in a different tone, you could choose a different wood stain for that. Cabinet staining would also make sure that your cabinet wood’ natural features and colors are exposed yet protected. Natural wood finish is also great when you think of renting out or selling your house in the future as a neutral color would suit most people.

2. Painted and laminated cabinets:
The most popular choice when it comes to color accented homes. When you color coordinate your entire house and wish to do that to the kitchen as well, there is always an option of having a painted cabinet. This can add color to your kitchen. Cabinet painting could also be done later on old kitchen cabinets to revamp the kitchen. This would give the cabinets a new makeover. Laminates are again another option to add color. You could also choose printed laminates to add patterns and colors of your choice. This would be for those who opt for a contemporary look for their kitchen. There are also high gloss finishes available for the contemporary kitchens. These are mostly acrylic finish cabinets or polyester finish cabinets.

These are about the color of the cabinets. Besides staining or painting your cabinet door, you could also opt for a distressed look if you wish to achieve a vintage look. Distressed finished cabinet doors can make your kitchen look like a typical country kitchen. Not just these, if you opt to add more patterns to the cabinet doors you have a lot of choices for that as well. Here are a few common patterns of cabinet doors you would find in the market:

  • Shaker style – the typical 5-panel style with 4 side frames and a central flat panel
  • Louvered – horizontal pieces layered like you find on windows
  • Flat – even flat surfaced cabinet doors
  • Inset – with doors that lie snugly inside the frame, unlike most cases where the cabinet doors rest out of the frame

When it comes to choosing between painted cabinets or natural stained wood cabinet finishes, here are a few factors that can help you decide:

The looks:
As discussed above, stained wood cabinets are for those who want more natural and minimalist looks. Different types of wood with their different grain pattern and textures give different looks when a clear or transparent stain is chosen. The stain chosen will also alter the look to some extent, if a solid or near opaque stain is chosen. And painted cabinet finishes are for those who wish to add a theme or a color accented kitchen. This is for those wanting a modern or contemporary style kitchen.

Based on the durability:
As expected, stained cabinets do not show wear and tear that easily. As it is the wood that directly shows, only any damage on the wood would be visible. In the case of painted cabinets, wear and tear can easily be spotted. Any surface abrasion, paint chipping off or fading in any area will all be visible, evidently. Even accidental dents on the door would be visible. This is one place where a stained cabinet stands out. On aging, the stained cabinet finish doesn’t lose its color like a normal, painted cabinet would. Also gloss finish cabinets can act as fingerprint magnets and no matter how many times you clean it, normal use of the cabinets would still leave fingerprints and greasy smudges easily on the surface. Wood finish or stained cabinets, owing to their natural matte surface, do not expose fingerprints or smudges.

Given the numerous options, choosing a cabinet finish can always be confusing. Evaluate the upsides and downsides of different types of cabinet finishes and choose which suits your house the best. When you choose the right company for cabinets Beaumont, TX, they can guide you on the various options you can choose from, the customization levels and more. This can give you a clearer picture of which cabinet finish you should choose.